Magnetic stirrers & Hot Plates

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Flatspin Magnetic Stirrer 8030184000

Ultra-flat Compact magnetic stirrer,

HP380-Pro package 1, Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer - 380°C 5131151114

Include:LCD Digital Hotplate(5031151114) +PT1000A (18900016)

HP380-Pro package 2, Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer - 380°C 5131151114+18900148

Include:HP380-Pro package 1 (5131151114) +support clamp (18900148)

HP380-Pro, Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer - 380°C 5031151114

LCD Digital Hotplate.heating temperature up to 380°C.

MS 135.1 , Accessories of hotplate Magnetic Stirrer 18900001

Blue carrying plate,suitable for hotplate,used with MS135.2-7, suitable for MS-H-Pro+

MS7-S, Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer - 550°C 8030122000

Classic 7’’ Square Plate Magnetic Stirrer,glass ceramics plate

MS-H340-S4, Multi-channel (Hotplate) Magnetic Stirrer 8030271110

4-Channel LCD Digital Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer,stainless steel with ceramic coated hotplate,heating temperature up to 340°C