SPE Accessories, High throughput Cartridges, Flash Chromatography。


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Chromab. Multi 8 sealing caps 738638

CHROMABOND Multi 8-sealing caps pack of 30

Chromab. Multi 96 But/PTFE pad 738645

CHROMABOND Multi 96 rubber pad butyl rubber, one side covered with PTFE dimensions: 125 x 85 x 1.3 mm pack of 1

Chromab. Multi 96 collection rack w.12x8 738637

CHROMABOND Multi 96 collection rack with polypropylene tube strips (twelve 8-well-strips) volume: 96x1.0 mL, material: PP pack of 5

Chromab. Multi 96 deep-well collecting p 738650.5

CHROMABOND Multi 96 deep-well collecting plate material: PP, volume: 96x2 mL pack of 5

Chromab. Multi 96 PP vessels 738652

CHROMABOND Multi 96 PP-reservoir-vessels consists of twelve 8-well-strips volume: 96x1.0 mL pack of 10

Chromab. Multi 96 reservoir tank, PP, mo 738639.M

CHROMABOND Multi 96 reservoir tank monoblock, PP pack of 2

Chromab. Multi 96 vacuum manifold 738630.M

CHROMABOND MULTI 96 vacuum manifold for 96 well monoblocks with reservoir tank, 3 spacer pairs, vacuum gauge, control valve material: PP

Chromab. Multi 96 well microtiter plate 738651

CHROMABOND Multi 96 mikrotiter plate volume: 96x0.5 mL material: PP, pack of 10

Chromab. Multi 96, C18, 100 mg, monobloc 738001.100M

CHROMABOND Multi 96 C18 monobloc contents of sorbent: 96 x 100 mg material: PP consists of: 96 well plate

Chromab. Multi 96, HLB(60µm),60mg,monobl 738920.060M

CHROMABOND Multi 96 HLB monobloc particle size: 60 µm contents of sorbent: 96 x 60 mg material: PP consists of: 96 well plate

Chromab. QuEChERS Mix XLIX (2.045 g) 7300000

CHROMABOND QuEChERS Mix XLIX Diamino/Carbon/C18 ec clean-up mix consisting of: - 1200 mg MgSO4 - 400 mg CHROMABOND Diamino - 45 mg CHROMABOND Carbon - 400 mg CHROMABOND C18 ec individually weighed and filled into 15 mL centrifuge tubes (PP) with screw cap (PE) pack of 50

CHROMAFIL Multi 96,w.GF-frits,1µm,M 738655.2M

CHROMAFIL Multi 96 Microtiter plates with glass fibre filter elements, nominal 1 µm, pack of 1