Glass Fibers

MicroAnalytix offers glass microfiber filters made from 100% borosilicate glass, with or without binder.


Filters without binder are chemically inert. The fine capillary structure of glass fiber filters can absorb large quantities of water, enabling spot tests and liquid scintillation counting methods.


These depth filters combine fast flow rates with high loading capacity, retention of very fine particles, and can be used at temperatures up to 500ºC. Applications: Air or water monitoring and can be used as pre-filters for membranes.


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167100-20  Pall , Glass fiber filter (47 mm / 1 μm)

Pall , Glass fiber filter (47 mm / 1 μm)

Glass fiber filter 0.7um 90mm MS GF 90mm

Glass fiber filter, MS GF Grade, no binder, 0.7um, 90mm

Glass Fiber Filter G160 8x10 MS G160 8x10

Glass Fiber Filter G160,8x10 Box100

Glass fiber filter GS 25 25mm GS25 25mm

Glass fiber filter GS grade 25mm

Glass Fibre Filter 21mm GF75 21mm

Glass Fibre Filter 21mm no binder0.7um Box100

PTFE Coateds Glass Fiber Filters 10 ㎜ PG-45 36651010

Specially developed for the measurement of dust concentration in the air Diameter :10 ㎜