Water Cartridges

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"10"" 5um Carbon Cartridge" 10CTO

"10"" 5um Carbon Cartridge"

PP16 Water Cartridge Filter L991545

PP16 Water Cartridge Filter

PT16 Water Cartridge Filter L991544

PT16 Water Cartridge Filter

PT8 Carbon Pretreatment L991542

Pre Treat Carbon Cartridge for Select Range units

NCP8 DI Cartridge L991546

Nuclear grade resin DI Polisher Cartridge for Select Fusion and Neptune Range units

Polishing cartridge PP8 L991543

PP8 Polishing DI , Puripac cartridge for our current Select range of laboratory products (grey door), and previous L2G Select range of laboratory products (blue door). Used in 40, 80, and 160 sized variants of Analyst, HP, Fusion and Bio.