Refractometers measure the degree to which the light changes direction, called the angle of refraction. A refractometer takes the refraction angles and correlates them to refractive index (nD) values that have been established. Using these values, you can determine the concentrations of solutions.

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DBR 55 Digital Refractometer 44000073

DBR 55 Digital Refractometer

DBR 95 Digital Refractometer 0-95 Brix, 44000063

DBR 95 Digital Refractometer 0-95 Brix

DBR Coffee Digital Refractometer, 44000083

DBR Coffee Digital Refractometer

DBR sal Digital Refractometer SALINITY, 44000053

DBR sal Digital Refractometer SALINITY

DBR Wine Digital Refractometer, 44000093

DBR Wine Digital Refractometer

Digital Thermometer X ABBE Refractometer, 43000153

Digital Thermometer X ABBE Refractometer

MOD.101 Refractometer 0-32 BRIX, 43000013

MOD.101 Refractometer 0-32 BRIX

Mod.101ATC LED Refractometer 0-32 BRIX


MOD.101ATC Refractometer 0-32 BRIX, 43000103

MOD.101ATC Refractometer 0-32 BRIX

MOD.102 Refractometer 28-62 BRIX, 43000023

MOD.102 Refractometer 28-62 BRIX

Mod.103 LED Refractometer 0-80 BRIX, 43000223

Mod.103 LED Refractometer 0-80 BRIX

MOD.103 Refractometer 0-80 BRIX, 43000033

MOD.103 Refractometer 0-80 BRIX

MOD.104 Refractometer X HONEY, 43000043

MOD.104 Refractometer X HONEY

MOD.105 Refractometer CLINIC, 43000053

MOD.105 Refractometer CLINIC

MOD.106 Refractometer SALINITY 0-28, 43000063

MOD.106 Refractometer SALINITY 0-28

MOD.106ATC Refractometer SALINITY D.S., 43000113

MOD.106ATC Refractometer SALINITY D.S.

MOD.107 ATC Refractometer 0-35 BRIX-BABO, 43000123

MOD.107 ATC Refractometer 0-35 BRIX-BABO

Mod.107ATC LED Refractometer 0-35 BRIX-BABO, 43000233

Mod.107ATC LED Refractometer 0-35 BRIX-BABO

MOD.110 - ABBE Refractometer , 43000133

MOD.110 - ABBE Refractometer

MOD.414 Refractometer for GLICOLE, 43000173

MOD.414 Refractometer for GLICOLE