WorkBeads affimAb

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WorkBeads affimAb 1L 40800010

WorkBeads affimAb Bulk resin, 1L

WorkBeads affimAb 200 mL 40800002

WorkBeads affimAb Bulk resin, 200 mL

WorkBeads affimAb 25 mL 40800001

WorkBeads affimAb Bulk resin, 25 mL

WorkBeads™ affimAb resin is an optimized alkali-stable resin designed for purification of monoclonal- and polyclonal antibodies in the laboratory to process scale. This resin has a superior base matrix in combination with an optimized alkali-stable protein A ligand. This results in high dynamic binding capacity also at short residence times, and stabile capacity over multiple purification cycles with cleaning-in-place using 0.5 M NaOH.


For small-scale purifications and initial screening in process development convenient prepacked BabyBio affimAb 1 ml and 5 ml columns are available. WorkBeads affimAb resin can also be used for purifications in other formats, such as batch and centrifugation purifications.

- Top performance dynamic binding capacity also at short residence times

- Outstanding alkali stability with 0.5 M NaOH, extends the number of purification cycles

- Excellent purity, recovery, and reproducibility

- Negligible protein A leakage

- Convenient prepacked 1 ml and 5 ml BabyBio™ columns