Qualitative Filter Papers

MicroAnalytix offers wide choice of qualitative cellulose filter papers with different levels of purity, hardness, flow rate, loading capacity, and chemical resistance.


Two formats are available: standard filters and wet-strengthened filters. Some standard and wet-strengthened filters are available in pre-pleated forms which improves flow rate and increases loading capacity compared to equivalent flat filters.


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Filter Paper MS1 55mm MS 1 55mm

Filter Paper MicroScience1 circles,55mm Box100

Filter Paper No.1,110mm

Filter Paper No. 1 fast flow, 110mm, Box 100

Cellulose Pad 20mm

Cellulose Pad 20mm, Box 100

Cellulose Pad 25mm

Cellulose Pad 25mm, Box 100

Cellulose Pad 37mm

Cellulose Pad 37mm, Box 100

Filter Paper MS1 46x57cm MS 1 46x57cm

Filter Paper MS1 46x57cm Box100

Filter Paper MS1 110mm MS 1 110mm

Filter Paper MicroScience1 circles,110mm Box100

Filter Paper MS1 125mm MS 1 125mm

Filter Paper MicroScience1 circles, 125mm Box100