MS-H280-B100 LCD Digital Magnetic Stirrer with Electric Heating Mantle(100ml flat bottom beakers), 8017373100

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Manufacturer: Dragon Lab


LCD Digital Magnetic Stirrer with Electric Heating Mantle
  • The smart magnetic stirrer can be flexibly set up with inter-changeable heating sleeves for 100mL、250mL、500mL、1000mL round-bottom flask, or 100mL、250mL、500mL、1000mL flat bottom beakers.
  • Even more flexible configurations: as one heating magnetic stirrer, or as one heating sleeve plus one magnetic stirrer.
  • Temperature self calibration function for higher temperature accuracy.
  • Heating sleeve made of high-quality Aluminum silicate fiber cotton with accurate temperature control, uniform heating and corrosion resistance.
  • Strengthened magnetic fields with enhanced stirring power.
  • Fireproof metal outcast with higher safety level.
  • Explosion-proof DC brushless motor free of maintenance and spark, and with long service life.
  • The “HOT” warning will flash if the work plate temperature is above 50°C even when the hotplate is turned off, as long as the power cable is connected.
  • Two independent safety circuits are designed to continuously monitor the equipment. When the sensor malfunctions and overheating occurs, an error code will be generated and the stirrer will stop heating. When the first safety circuit is shorted, the second safety circuit will cut off the power supply to ensure the safety of the operator
Motor typeBrushless DC motor
Speed Range200-1500rpm
Speed control accuracy±20rpm
Speed displayLCD
Temperature displayLCD
 Temperature control range25-280℃
“Hot” warning50℃
Overheat protection [℃]420℃
Temperature display accuracy [℃]±0.1℃
 Heating liquid temperature
 control accuracy
External temperature sensorPT1000(accuracy ±0.2℃)
Protection classIP21
Motor input power [W]1.8W
 Heating power [W] 210W/240W/380/440W
Voltage, Frequency100-120V,60Hz;200-220V,50Hz
Dimension [WxDxH]295x160x160mm
Permissible ambient temperature5-40℃
Permissible ambient humidity80%
Compatible containers100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1000ml flat bottom beakers



Attribute nameAttribute value
TypeMagnetic Stirrer
Temperature Max280 °C
Speed range200-1500rpm