Whirl-Pak® Bags, Developed in 1959 and manufactured in the U.S.A. Whirl-Pak® Bags were the first sterilized laboratory sample collection bag on the market. Whirl-Pak® Bags feature patented Puncture-Proof Tabs that eliminate sharp points which could puncture the bags, scratch a person’s hands, or tear gloves. Whirl-Pak® Bags are sterilized after manufacturing using ethylene oxide gas at an independent ISO-certified facility. Whirl-Pak® Bags are made from co-extrusion low-density and linear low-density, virgin polyethylene which creates the exceptionally clear film and superior strength associated with the brand.Whirl-Pak® Bags have a leak-proof closure created by whirling or folding the tabs over three times, thus, eliminating the need for a separate lid.Whirl-Pak® Bags reduce storage, labor, and shipping costs by 90%.

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118ml Whirlpak Bag B00679WA

118ml, 7.5 x 18.5cm, 0.057mm thick, sterile sampling bag

123 oz. (3,637 ml) capacity B01446WA

123 oz. (3,637 ml) capacity

2 oz (58ml) capacity 3"Wx5"L B01009WA

2 oz (58ml) capacity 3"Wx5"L(7.5x12.5cm) 2.25 MIL (0.57 mm) thick Box of 500

300ml Sod Thio 3mil 11.5x23cm B01403WA

300 ml capacity With sodium thiosulfate. 4-1/2" W x 9" L (11.5 x 23 cm) 3.0 mil (.076 mm) thick Box of 100

532ml sterile bag 60ml scoop B01350WA

With 2-oz. (60 ml) scoop. 18 fl. oz. (532 ml) capacity 4-1/2" W x 9" L (11.5 x 23 cm) 2.5 mil (.064 mm) thick Box of 50

532mlFlatWire bag B01341WA

18Oz or 532ml write-On (11.5x23cm) 2.5ml thick flat wire sample bag, Box 500

92oz Whirlpak 25.4x38cm B01445WA

92 oz. (2,721 ml) capacity 10" W x 15" L (25.4 x 38 cm) 4.0 mil (.102 mm) thick Box of 250

Case for Sampler C09249WA

Case for Sampler

Nasco Whirl Pak 18oz Black B01418WA

Whirlpak black bag 18Oz/532ml 11.5cmx23cm 2.5mil thick Box 500

Probe Adapter for Nasco Sponge Pole B01593WA

Probe Adapter for Nasco Sponge Pole

USDA 24oz Stand-Up Bag W/Fill Line Box 500

USDA 24oz Stand-Up Bag W/Fill Line Box 500