Purite Fusion 160 ECO L300768

SUEZ Ultrapure Eco Water Purification Units
SKU: L300768
Manufacturer: SUEZ

Dual Water Quality Dispensing- Mains Feed


18.2mOhm Ultrapure Water


1-10mOhm Pure Water From Tank


20L Integral Tank


 Electricity saving with new Stand-By Mode


 Water saving up to 50% with new RO Membrane System


Various water production sizes available

Fusion 40 ECO


6l/hr @ 25 deg,C RNases <0.01ng/ml


Dual Wavelength 185nm/254nm UV Irradiation Bacteria <0.1 cfu/ml


0.2um Point of Use Bacteria Filter Organics (TOC) <5ppb


Dispense Up to 2L/min Endotoxins <0.001 EU/ml


5000 MWCO Ultrafilter DNases <4pg/ml

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