For over 30 years SUEZ WPS Ltd has been designing, developing and manufacturing an extensive range of water purification systems for the healthcare, research and industrial sectors. A specialist in advanced technologies such as ion exchange and reverse osmosis, SUEZ WPS Ltd also offers dedicated resources through a comprehensive network. SUEZ WPS Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of SUEZ Industrial Water – a major water solutions provider. SUEZ Industrial Solutoins operates and maintains over 200 water treatment plants and has built more than 2,000 industrial wastewater treatment plants. For unrivalled global reach, SUEZ WPS Ltd is backed by the vast resources of SUEZ. As a world leader, exclusively dedicated to environmental services, SUEZ supplies drinking water to 76 million people, provides wastewater treatment services to 44 million people and collects waste produced by 60 million people.


Packaged plant and systems for all industrial applications, delivering purified water for process, cleaning and boiler feed duties.


Bench top units and integrated ring main systems for research, analytical and production laboratories.


Stand-alone and ring main water purification systems for laboratory, endoscopy, renal and sterile services departments.


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100 litre external tank - standard,L998402

100 litre external tank - standard;L998402

100 litre external tank with UV,L998411

100 litre external tank with UV,L998411

50 litre external tank - standard,L998401

50 litre external tank - standard

50 litre external tank with UV,L998410

50 litre external tank with UV,L998410

Cons Pack Purewater300

Cons Pack Purewater300

Disinfection Pack cartridge L998549

Disinfection Pack cartridge