SPE columns, CHROMABOND WAX, 30 µm, 6 mL/500 mg 7300012

CHROMABOND columns WAX weak mixed-mode polymer-based anion exchanger specially suitable for PFAS analysis particle size: 30 µm volume: 6 mL, content of sorbent: 500 mg material: PP, with PE filter elements pack of 30
SKU: 7300012
Manufacturer: Machery Nagel
Pack Size: 30


State-of-the-art spherical polymer for highest demands in solid phase extraction. PS/DVB copolymer with secondary and tertiary ammonium modification for mixed-mode SPE with weak anion exchange and reversed-phase properties (WAX). Exchange capacity ≥ 0.8 meq/g, pKa 6 + 9. High-purity material with ideal flow properties and highest reproducibility. Allows highest reproducibility with extremely low blind values due to an optimized production process. Especially suitable for PFAS analysis e.g. according to EPA 533, Draft 1633 and ISO 21675:2019.

Hazardous materialNo
Selling unit30 columns, 250 columns
MethodSolid phase extraction (SPE)
ModeMixed mode (RP and Ion exchange (IEX))
Base materialPS/DVB copolymer
Surface chemistryHydrophobic spherical polystyrene-divinylbenzene copolymer (PS/DVB) with secondary and tertiary ammonium modification, weak Mixed mode anion exchanger (WAX)
Column typeSPE column
HardwarePolypropylene (PP) columns with polyethylene (PE) filter elements
Column shapeOpen tubular syringe-shaped column with Luer tip outlet
Column volume6 mL
Filling quantity500 mg
Column volume/adsorbent weight6 mL/500 mg
Recommended application(s)Active ingredients from strongly matrix contaminated, PFAS analysis
Particle size30 µm
Particle shapeSpherical
Specific surface according to BET800 m²/g
pH stability1.0–14.0
Carbon contentNot available or proprietary
Filter element materialPolyethylene (PE)
Storage temperature15–25 °C
Attribute nameAttribute value
Filling quantity500mg
Pack Size30