Glass Fiber Filter MSGD Grade 90mm 2.7um Box100 MS GD 90mm

Glass Fiber Filter MSGD, 90mm Box100
SKU: MS GD 90mm
Manufacturer: MicroScience
Pack Size: 100

MicroScience Glass Fibre depth filters are manufactured with very fine borosilicate glass fibres, offering high filtration efficiency, fast flow rates and high dirt holding capacity. The range of glass fibre filters is non-hydroscopic and biologically inert. MicroScience Glass Fibre filters are compatible with a broad range of solvents and reagents and can be used in applications to 500°C.

GradeApplicationWeight (g/m²)Thickness(mm)Porosity ¹ (μm)Pressure Drop ² (kpa)Binder
MS GAGeneral laboratory filtration; air pollution monitoring; water and waste water monitoring520.251.63.3No
MS GBHigher dirt holding capacity. Prefilter for membrane filters, water and waste water monitoring1430.701.09.5No
MS GCSuspended solids analysis, cell harvesting and hydrocarbon analysis520.261.25.4No
MS GDHigher dirt holding capacity. For universal applications and prefiltration1200.532.71.6No
MS GFVery high filtration effectiveness; clarification of protein solutions; TLCP leachate test750.450.712.0No
MS GGFiltration and monitoring of water650.281.53.0No
MS GG550Suspended Solids dried at temps 550 deg. C650.301.5No
MS 464Thick filter for high dirt load applications1070.703.0 Yes

¹ Nominal rating in liquids
² In air at a flow velocity 0.4m/sec

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Attribute nameAttribute value
Pack Size100
GradeMS GD