Bulb Pipette, VOLAC FORTUNA, 5 ml, with 1 mark, DE-M, US371/WAC/E/5

5 ml, with 1 mark, DE-M
SKU: US371/WAC/E/5
Manufacturer: Poulten Graf

VOLAC FORTUNA® bulb pipettes are produced to the highest quality standards (EN ISO 648). They are offered in class AS conformity approved. VOLAC FORTUNA® bulb pipettes are calibrated to deliver (‘EX’) and are supplied with 1 or 2 ring marks.

Reading: Reading of the volume at the lowest point of the meniscus.

Technical Details:

  • Colour-Code-System (ISO 1769)
  • short practical delivery time, openings uniformly calibrated
  • tips and suction tubes reinforced
  • fire polished facettes, bevels surface tempered
  • amber graduation acid and alkali resistant
  • indication of production batch
  • soda lime glass


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Product Specifications
Pack Size 5