Laboratory Equipment TK 630 Test Cabinet TK 600

632 Litres Test Cabinet
SKU: TK 600
Manufacturer: Nuve

TK Series Test Cabinets provide an economical solution to simulate real environmental conditions by controlling temperature, humidity and day & night cycles. Robust, stainless steel construction, high density injected polyurethane insulation and an inner glass observation door make a durable and practical instrument, enhanced by a cable port for internal equipment.

PID temperature control ensures fast recovery, and a comprehensive control system enable the TK models to provide reliable performance. Optional NüveGrowth™ software and data interface permit remote control and monitoring on computer; ideal when proof of operational conditions is required. Remote alarm NüveWarn™ system and instant text messaging with AlerText™ provide the opportunity for immediate response.

An excellent design for different purposes in different industries such as electrics and electronics, automobile and automobile components, chemicals, plastics, textiles, pharmaceuticals, food, packaging, plant growth, seed germination, incubation and rearing of insects.


Gross Volume: 631 liters
Net volume: 567 liters
Temperature range: -10°C to +60°C (Lights off)
Humidity set range: 20% to 95% (between 10°C to 60°C)
Lighting: Max. 12,000 lux 
Lighting from the door
Programmable microprocessor control system 
LCD display and control panel for heating, cooling, humidity, lighting, time, 
program and step no
Safety thermostat for heating
32 KB memory
Program timer: 0-999 hours 59 min. and hold position
Lighting timer: 0-24 hours
10 program memories
Number of program repetition: 1-99
Automatic defrost system
Internal glass door
Internal material: Stainless steel 
Outlets for printer and RS 232
Three shelves
Chamber dim. (WxDxH): 738x650x1316 mm
Net Int. dim. (WxDxH): 738x650x1181 mm
Ext. dim. (WxDxH): 985x935x1995 mm
230 V - 50 Hz


TK XXX W NuveGrowth™ data control software and RS 232 interface
TK XXX A Automatic water supply unit
TK XXX R Remote alarm outlet
TK XXX R2 NuveWarn™ remote alarm system with 10 m. cable 
E 05 073 256 KB memory
R 01 139 Shelf for TK 120/252
K 23 077 Shelf carrier-right for TK 120/252
K 23 078 Shelf carrier-left for TK 120/252
R 01 165 Shelf for TK 600
K 23 080 Shelf carrier-right for TK 600
K 23 079 Shelf carrier-left for TK 600


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Product Specifications
Volume 632L
Pack Size 1