Portable Desiccator Standard 400 x 317 x 338mm PL, 1-6087-01

SKU: 1-6087-01
Manufacturer: MicroScience



  • It is portable desiccator as carrying case.
  • Auto dry type, dehumidification unit which uses solid polymer electrolyte film, electrolyzes the humidity in warehouse directly and removes it.
  • Gas Replacement type has 2 valves mouting screws (gas replacement holes) for various accessories (sold separately).
  • Static Electricity(SE) type uses conductive PVC.


  • Standard specification, gas replacement
  • Material: Body/PMMA (acrylic), Frame/aluminum
  • Door: with draw latch
  • Weight: 5.5kg
  • Valve mounting screw: Rc1/4
  • Outer dimensions: 400 x 317 x 338mm
  • Inner dimension: 370 x 260 x 272mm
  • Model number: Standard PL

Package size:480×410×415 mm 6.8 kg