Pilot 100 Vacuum Controller, AC100-240V,EU Plug, 183100-02

Pilot 100 Vacuum Controller, AC100-240V,EU Plug
SKU: 183100-02
Manufacturer: Rocker


Pilot 100 Vacuum Controller

◆ One-year warranty

◆ Start and leave with evaporation detect and auto adjustments.

◆ GUI control panel, what you see is what you get.

◆ Leave your glove on, Pilot can still read your taps.

◆ Can be installed in every vacuuming sources.

◆ Suitable for laboratory or industrial environments.

◆ CE, UKCA, RoHS certificated


▸ Model: Pilot 100
▸ Power input: DC24V, 1A
▸ Resolution: 1 digit
▸ Pressure display: mbar, hPa, torr
▸ Display:  7” touch screen
▸ Measuring range: 1100 ~ 0 mbar abs.
▸ Measurement accuracy: ± 2 mbar (after adjustment, constant temp.)
▸ Setting range: 1013 ~ 0 mbar 
▸ Housing material: Plastic
▸ Venting valve: Yes
▸ Auto-cleaning: Yes
▸ Power: 15 W
▸ Hose barb: ID 8 ~ ID10
▸ Safety: Over-pressure Protection, Error Message
▸ Dimension ( L x W x H ): 21 x 20 x 18 cm
▸ Net weight: 2.2 Kg


Vacuum Controller Feature

Auto evaporation mode

Pilot 100 detects the vapor pressure and keep vacuum at optimal level to avoid bumping. Feel free to start and leave.

Graphical User Interface

Processes of Pilot 100 can be defined via its user-friendly GUI. With intuitive drop-down lists and modules up to 10 steps, it provides user full flexibility of control.

High Compatibility

Pilot 100 Vacuum Controller can be installed with most of vacuum sources including diaphragm pumps, piston pumps, rotary vane pumps, etc.

Touch panel

Touch panel of Pilot 100 reads the taps underneath thick lab gloves, making the control easy and convenient.

Detachable & remote control

Control panel of Pilot 100 is detachable from its magnetic mount base and can be remotely controlled.


Vacuum Controller Certificate

CE certification

UKCA certification

IP 42 protection (front)

RoHS certification

Vacuum Controller Application

Laboratory vacuum control

Rotary evaporation

Vacuum concentration and distillation


Vacuum Controller Order Information


Pilot 100, Vacuum Controller with AC100~240V adaptor, US plug (EU plug)


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