Complete with electrode XS 201 T, with temperature sensor integrated
SKU: 50110112
Manufacturer: GIORGIO BORMAC

Resolution 0,1 / 0,01 pH


Coloured backlit high definition LCD display


Automatic and manual temperature compensation


Data logger auto and manual , up to 1000 savings in GLP


GLP functions


DHS digital sensors management.




Professional portable multiparameter with innovative high-resolution colour display, suitable to work in any conditions, thanks to the automatic and manual brightness adjustment.


The step by step guide in setup and calibration mode allows a simple and intuitive use of the device.


Automatic pH calibration with USA and NIST buffers up to 3 points and 2 points custom defined by the user.


Automatic ORP calibration in 1 point.


Measurement stability indicator and possibility of selecting 3 levels of stability.


All operations and errors are constantly monitored and shown to the operator via the coloured LED above the display.


GLP function: Date and time, recall of calibration data and function “Calibration due”.


Data logger up to 1000 savings, manual and automatic,


PC connect via micro-USB.


Data-Link + software available from