PC 8 PRO  kit STIRRER with pH electrode XS Polymer, conductivity cell 2301T with ATC. Cable S7/BNC, 50104142

PC 8 PRO kit STIRRER with pH electrode XS Polymer, conductivity cell 2301T with ATC. Cable S7/BNC
SKU: 50104142
Manufacturer: GIORGIO BORMAC



XS PC 8 PRO Stirrer - Polymer - 2301 t cell

Item: 50104142


Digital benchtop multiparameter.

Simultaneous pH/Cond and temperature viewing.

Automatic pH calibration on different buffer families or user-definable values (5 values).

Automatic or manual ORP calibration on 1 point.

Graphic display of electrode condition.

Automatic calibration to up to 4 conductivity standards (84, 1413 microS, 12.88 mS, 111.8 mS) with calculation of different cell constants + a user definable value. Recall and printing of calibration data.

Automatic scale change, automatic and manual temperature compensation (0...100.0 °C). Reference temperature (15...30 °C).

Linear temperature coefficient (0.00...10.00%).

Possibility of 2-rings cell connection with choice of constant (0.1 - 1.0 - 10) according to measurement range.

Calibration expiration and/or measurement lockout warning.

Alarm setting and display functions in analog format, "Stop-reading," stability indication, self-diagnostic messages.

Numeric password for protection of saved data and calibration management.

Data logger up to 1000 data in GLP with possibility of sending to printer or PC.

Multilingual Setup menu (Ita - Eng - Deu - Fra - Esp - Por).

Free Data-Link+ software for data management to PC.

USB output for external keyboard and PC connection. RS232 port for printer connection.


Measuring ranges:

pH: -2.000...16.000 (0.001 pH)

mV: -2000...+2000 (1 mV)

Cond: 0.0 microS ...200 mS (automatic)

Salinity: 0.01...100.0 ppt

TDS: 0.1 mg/l...100.0 g/l

Temperature: -20...120.0 °C (0.1 °C)


Supplied as standard:

Magnetic stirrer, S7/BNC cable, NT 55 temperature probe, electrode holder stand, colored buffer solutions, USB cable and multi socket power supply.