MetAmino® sample preparation LC-MS start-up kit, CF, 100 samples, MAK-5857-AA01

SKU: MAK-5857-AA01
Manufacturer: Chromservis

MetAmino® kits offer an easy sample preparation method for your LC/MS or GC/MS analysis. MetAmino® kits include derivatization reagences and all clean-up accessories to prepare your sample for injection. They eliminate the time consuming sample preparation procedures. New clean-up procedure uses a special material as the end-step. The other advantage is that the derivatization procedure enables to extend the analyte list.

  • Easy sample preparation
  • Unique clean-up step
  • 75 aminoacids, polyamines, biogen amines and coensymes
  • 25 minutes (sample preparation and analysis time)
  • No heating needed in the procedure
  • Storing the samples in refrigerator (no freezer required)
  • NIST library for GC/MS available


Category:Laboratory instruments and accessories / Chromatography / MetAmino

Kit content

ReagencesAll included (derivatization, activation, eluction and standards)
TubesDerivatization tubes for 100 samples
Microspin filtersMSPE filters for 100 samples
VialsScrew top vials for 100 samples
Micro tube rack1 unit
LC/MS or GC/MS column1 MetAmino® column
DocumentationShort sample preparation manual