MetAmino® sample preparation LC-MS reagent kit, for up to 100 samples, MAK-5857-L002

SKU: MAK-5857-L002
Manufacturer: Chromservis

The MetAmino® reagent kit is a set of reagents used in MetAmino® sample preparation kit. The box includes all the reagences needed for the sample preparation up to 100 samples. The reagences are only delivere as the kit, they are not for sale individually.


Kit content

Amino Acid Standards SD1 Solution1 vial 2 mL
Amino Acid Standards SD2 Dried2 vials 2 mL
Solution with Internal Standard (IS)1 vial 2 mL
AASDM Amino Acid Standard Diluting Medium1 vial 4 mL
MSPE sorbent activation medium (WES)1 vial 40 mL
MSPE sorbent equilibration medium (EQS)1 vial 40 mL
Catalytic Solution (CTS)1 vial 4 mL
Reagent (Derivatization) Solution (RDS)1 vial 4 mL
Diluting and Washing Medium (DWM)2 vials 40 mL
Eluting Medium (ELM)1 vial 40 mL
Precipitating Medium (PM)1 vial 40 mL


Category:Laboratory instruments and accessories / Chemicals / Derivatizing agents


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