M211 Label Printer 880345 & 1x B-499 Nylon Cloth Label 110895 & 1 x B-461 Self-laminating Polyester Laboratory Label 110932, M211-combo

SKU: M211-combo
Manufacturer: Brady


1 x M211 Label Printer 880345

1 x BMP21 Plus Series B-499 Nylon Cloth Labels, Black On White, 19.05mm x 4.88 Meters, 110895

1 x  BMP21 Plus Series B-461 Self-laminating Polyester Laboratory Labels, Black on White, 12.7mm x 6.4 Meters, 110932



M211 Label Printer

  • Built with connectivity options with Bluetooth® 5 Low Energy (class II)
  • Durable device with a resistance towards 113kg crushes, 6-foot drops and military-grade shocks (MIL-STD-810G)
  • Maximum Label/Tape Width: 19.05mm
  • M211 Label Printer