DC Chem 610 Pro, Chemical Resistant Vacuum System, AC100-240V,EU Plug, 182610-02-P

DC Chem 610 Pro, Chemical Resistant Vacuum System, AC100-240V,EU Plug
SKU: 182610-02-P
Manufacturer: Rocker


DC Chem 610 Pro Auto Vacuum Filtration System

◆ One-year warranty

◆ Zero lag, direct control of pump speed to achieve precise vacuum.

◆ Start and leave with evaporation detect and auto adjustments.

◆ Driven by BLDC motor, consumes 40% or even less power.

◆ Self-cleaning mechanism.

◆ GUI control panel, what you see is what you get.

◆ CE, UKCA, RoHS certificated


▸ Model: DC Chem 610 Pro
▸ Voltage / Freq.: 100~240V, 50/60 Hz
▸ Max. power: 120W
▸ Max. vacuum: 7 mba
▸ Max. flow rate: 37 L/min
▸ Resolution: 1 digit
▸ Pressure display: mbar, hPa, torr
▸ Display:  7” touch screen
▸ Measuring range: 1100 ~ 0 mbar abs.
▸ Measurement accuracy: ± 2 mbar (after adjustment, constant temp.)
▸ Setting range: 1013 ~ 0 mbar
▸ Motor speed: 1-100 %, adjustable
▸ Housing material: SS304, Plastic
▸ Venting valve: Yes
▸ Auto-cleaning: Yes
▸ Noise level: 50 dBA
▸ Hose barb: ID 10
▸ Moisture trap: Yes
▸ Safety: Fuse, Error Message
▸ Dimension ( L x W x H ): 44 x 38 x 25 cm
▸ Net weight: 15 Kg

Auto Vacuum System Feature

BLDC motor-driven

DC Chem 610 Pro is driven by brushless DC motor that consumes 40% or less power and contributes to less wear and tear.

Precise & zero lag

DC Chem 610 Pro performs more precised and stabler vacuum control as compared to general solenoid valve controllers by direct controlling motor rotation.

Self-cleaning mechanism

DDC Chem 610 Pro draws and bypasses clean air automatically to evacuate remaining moisture and gas every time after use without detaching any connected equipment. Making the maintenance easy and effortless.

Auto evaporation mode

DC Chem 610 Pro detects the vapor pressure and keep vacuum at optimal level to avoid bumping. Feel free to start and leave.

Detachable & remote control

Control panel of DC Chem 610 Pro is detachable from its magnetic mount base and can be remotely controlled.


Auto Vacuum System Certificate

CE certification

UKCA certification

IP 42 protection (front)

RoHS certification

Auto Vacuum System Application

Vacuum filtration

Rotary evaporation

Vacuum concentration and distillation


Auto Vacuum System Order Information


DC Chem 610 Pro, Auto Vacuum System, AC100~240V, 50/60Hz, US plug (EU plug)


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