BSA, 1x10 mL 701210.110

Silylation reagent BSA pack of 1x10 mL __UN 3316 Chemical kit 9 II 0.010 L ADR/GGVSEB M11 (E) ADR 3.3.1/251: LQ PAX 960 10 Kg CAO 960 10 Kg
SKU: 701210.110
Manufacturer: Machery Nagel


BSA is a strong silylation reagent for GC, which forms very stable TMS derivatives of a wide variety of compounds. These products contain harmful substances which must be specially labeled as hazardous. For detailed information please see SDS.

Hazardous material Yes
Method Gas chromatography (GC), derivatization
Composition N,O-bis-trimethylsilyl-acetamide (BSA)
Derivatization type Silylation
Recommended application(s) Alcohols, Amines, Biogenic amines and alkaloids, Carboxylic acids, Derivatization, Phenols, Steroids
Storage temperature 2–8 °C


Product Specifications
Pack Size 1