BM N20-H, si/bl 702833

N 20 bi-metal crimp cap blue / silver, center hole no liner
SKU: 702833
Manufacturer: Machery Nagel
Aluminium pressure release caps N 20 (special perforation for burst protection) 
allow the controlled release of excess pressure of more than 3 bar
Bi-metal crimp caps and magnetic crimp caps N 20
for use on autosamplers with magnetic transportation system – 
Crimping of the bi-metal crimp caps is more convenient.
  All closures mentioned above are available with silicone / PTFE septa as well as with butyl / PTFE septa in different versions. Applications above 120 °C require silicone / PTFE septa.
Individual septa, stoppers as well as PE caps N 20 are also available.
Manual and electronic crimping tools N 20 complete this product range.


Bi-metal crimp caps and magnetic crimp caps N 20 

Septa are assembled, caps are ready-to-use.


Septa are shown for illustration purposes only, images upside down.


Packs of 100 closures each

Product Specifications
Pack Size 100