Auto Dry Desiccator Light Blue 3-1566-03

SKU: 3-1566-03
Manufacturer: MicroScience



  • Colorful panels are used for bottom of desiccators, which are convenient for sorting stuff by color.
  • Stable dehumidifying performance can be obtained with dry unit that utilizes solid polymer electrolyte membrane, which continuously dehumidifies inside of desiccator by electrolysis.
  • Energy-saving design that reduces power consumption to watts (3W).
  • Dehumidifier has no drive unit. It does not emit noise or vibration, yet exhibits excellent durability.
  • Moisture inside desiccator will be discharged in gaseous state directly to outside.


  • Material: ABS resin
  • Dehumidification system: Using solid high polymer electrolyte membrane, H2O electrolytic discharge
  • Humidity control range: 25%RH (with no internal load, depending on the usage environment)
  • Power supply: AC100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Power consumption: 3W
  • Shelf board interval: Shelf rests 4 stages, Shelf pitch 73mm
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Accessories: Shelf board x 2
  • Color: Light blue
  • Outer dimension (mm): 347 x 349 x 420
  • Inner dimension (mm): 280 x 275 x 350
  • Control Panel : N/A
  • Plug: Type A

Package size:520×450×460 mm 5.4 kg