ASTRA® C8-HE HPLC column, 5.0 µm 250 mm × 4.6 mm, AST-5896-LM46

SKU: AST-5896-LM46
Manufacturer: Chromservis

The ASTRA® brand extends new line of the ARION^® HPLC columns. 

  • Strict quality control of alkaline and heave metals content during silica gel production process (<10 ppm)
  • Narrow particle size and pore volume/size distribution
  • Unique production process ensuring high lot-to-lot reproducibility
  • High end-capping in gaseous phase

Main particle characteristics:

  • High proximity to the circle
  • Surface smoothness
  • Tight particle size distribution
  • No broken particles
  • No presence of clustered particles
  • No “Moon craters or mountains”


Brand:Astra C8-HE
Category:Laboratory instruments and accessories / Chromatography / HPLC columns

ASTRA® C18-HE Silicagel

Endcappingin gaseous phase
USPCode L7
Mean particle diameter4.6±1.2 μm
Surface area330 m2/g
Carbon load11%
Proximity to the shape of Circle0.96±0.04
Temperature stability100 °C
pH stability2.0 to 9 (depends on buffer used)


LC column length250mm

Stationary Phases

Particle Size5µm
Pore Size100A
LC PhasesC8
BrandArion C8
Particle TypeFully Porous


LC TechniqueHPLC
Attribute nameAttribute value
Column Size250x4.6mm
Particle size5 µm