Activity mixture (FA-TMS test) 722307 722307

Activity test mixture (FA-TMS test according to Donike) in MSTFA/n-hexane (1 + 4)
SKU: 722307
Manufacturer: Machery Nagel

1 mg/mL each of TMS capric acid (C10), 


TMS myristic acid (C14), TMS stearic acid (C18), 


TMS behenic acid (C22), hexadecane (C16), 


eicosane (C20), tetracosane (C24), octacosane (C28)


  These test mixtures are used for controlling the performance of fused silica capillary columns and the GC system. We supply:
Test mixtures for GC capillary columns
Test mixtures for GC environmental analyses

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