1000 mL Bottle Top Vacuμm Filter, 0.1 μm, PVDF, Sterile, 1/pk, 24/cs, 344112

1000 mL Bottle Top Vacuμm Filter, 0.1 μm, PVDF, Sterile, 1/pk, 24/cs
SKU: 344112
Manufacturer: Nest
Pack Size: 24

Product description:

NEST Vacuum Filtration System is mainly applied in the isolation and purification of large volume samples in tissue culture medium and biological fluid. The system consists of a membrane diaphragm, a receiving bottle connected to a transparent graduated polystyrene filter by a connector. With the pressure differential conducted by the vacuum pump, the Vacuum Filtration System can filtrate the tissue culture medium and other lab fluid solution in large volumes even up to several Liters. The filtrated samples can be directly gathered in aseptic storage bottles.

Product Feature:
1.   High flow rates and high throughput
2.   Precise graduation on the bottle wall
3.   Various specifications:Membrane materials include: PES, PVDF、CA、MCE ; Volume: 250ml、500ml and 1000ml
4.   Low protein binding
5.   Gamma-ray sterilization
6.   Filter diameter: 250ml volume for the 50mm membrane diameter 500ml volume for the 90mm membrane diameter
7.   The design of hose connector is adaptable to various hose diameters.
8.   Light weight and firm outer wall structure, easy to grasp

1.Do not use plastic bottles, glass bottles, flasks or containers that are not designed for filtration and cannot withstand negative pressure to connect to the upper cup
2.Not suitable for culture flasks larger than 2L
3.Working temperature: 4-37°C
4.Working pressure: 0.03-0.06Mpa, if there is foam, please reduce pressure appropriately.
5.Tighten the upper cup and bottle mouth by hand, but do not over tighten
6.Personal protective equipment must be used at all times, and goggles must be worn when using vacuum equipment
7.Work on the aseptic operating table
8.It is not recommended to recycle any hazardous substances, hazardous wastes or biochemical hazardous materials involved.
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Pack Size24
Pore Size0.1um
ProductBottle Top Vacuμm Filter