Pasteur Pipets

● Medical grade transparent LDPE
● Suitable for drawing, transferring and blending a certain volume of liquid
● Good chemical stability
● Excellent transparency with clear graduations for easy observation
● Good fluidity for easy control
● Excellent tenacity, can be bent in a certain angle for micro vessel and special-shaped containers
● Flexible for quick safe transfer of fluids
● High precision and drop repeatability
● Individually wrapped
● Sterilized by Ethylene Oxide  


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1ml Pasteur Pipette 318012

1ml Pasteur Pipette, Individually Wrapped,Sterile

3ml Pasteur Pipette 318212

3ml Pasteur Pipette, Individually Wrapped, Sterile

Pipettes Pasteur 230mm D812

Pasteur Pipettes,disp.,glass,230mm, Box1000

Pipettes Pasteur 50mm D810

Pasteur Pipettesdisp.,glass,150mm, Box1000