With operator safety as its primary design objective, NÜVE has developed a range of robust and reliable centrifuges providing excellent performance and offering wide-ranging versatility.


Each instrument in the range has a selection of accessories that enable it to respond to multiple applications and thus reduce the budget necessary to achieve the objectives of the laboratory.


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Laboratory Equipment NF 048 Centrifuge NF 048

Micro and Haematocrit centrifuge

Mini Centrifuge D1008

Mini Centrifuge with colour lid, including two rotors A08-2 & A02-PCR8 and both adapter SA02P2&SA05P2

Laboratory Equipment NF 200 Centrifuge NF 200

Small and Precise control Centrifuge

Laboratory Equipment NF 400R Centrifuge NF 400

NF 400 Medium Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge

Laboratory Equipment NF 800 Centrifuge NF 800

NF 800 Medium Capacity Centrifuge

Laboratory Equipment NF 800R Centrifuge NF 800R

NF 800 Medium Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge

Laboratory Equipment NF 1200R Centrifuge NF 1200R

Multipurpose Refrigerated Centrifuge