Optifix Titrier


 are the routine tasks in the laboratory. This requires, in particular, accurate reading of the dispensed volume. Conventional titrations are performed with glass burettes. With FORTUNA

® OPTIFIX® titrier it ismuch easier. It needs

 only a little space and can be operated without electricity. The metered volume is read to two decimal places.

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101 102 Liquid Handling Fortuna Optifix Titrier

Titrator FORTUNA OPTIFIX titrier, 0-50ml:0.01, 2 adaptors

Liquid Handling Electronic for Titrier 101 102EEZ

Electronic for burette FORTUNA OPTIFIX titrier 50ml

Liquid Handling Pump Unit Titrier 101 102ED

Pump unit for electronic burette FORTUNA OPTIFIX titrier 50ml, incl.piston