Autoclaves Bags & Pouches

High temperature manufactured from heavy gauge polypropylene

Suitable for autoclaving up to a temperature of 132 degC

Blue Biohazard Labelling

Write on panel on each bag

Seamless bottom providing greater pressure bearing

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Autoclave Pouch Roll PR100

Autoclave Pouch Roll, 100mm/4 inch Width, 100m Length

Autoclave Pouch Roll PR150

Autoclave Pouch Roll, 150mm/6 inch Width, 200m Length

Autoclave Pouch Roll PR200

Autoclave Pouch Roll, 200mm/8 inch Width, 200m Length

Autoclave Pouch Roll PR250

Autoclave Pouch Roll, 250mm/10 inch Width, 200m Length

Laboratory Equipment Autoclave Bags RUN66100

Clear Colour Printed 310x660mm

Laboratory Equipment Autoclave Bags RUN66101

Clear Colour Printed 415x600mm

Laboratory Equipment Autoclave Bags RUN66102

Clear Colour Printed 610x810mm